Siaya Agricultural Show


Siaya Agricultural show was the most unusual but beneficial show I’ve ever attended.
With very little pomp attached to it, I remember asking a local if they would be attending the show on the week heading to the show: to which they retorted – which show?
However on attending with the local: non of us were disappointed.  Exhibits were few but relevant: very useful to anyone interested in going into agriculture. It was a show you could choose to go a morning or afternoon session covering ALL exhibits without feeling overloaded  but leave feeling briefed on all facets of Agricultural cycle s from soil treatments, food processing, to organized/structured community based commercial poultry farming to fish farming dynamics both on built  dams and in existing water bodies.
It was not void of entertainment as the fish being filmed above by ladies decided to show it’s prowess by leaping out of the aquarium to our amusement as adults scattered for their “safety”. 🙂

photos and text
©muoki kioko


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