Aluru traps

Aluru are a local delicacy among the local community, prepared by boiling in salted water then fried. Local s say the wild species is sweeter than farm bred.
A bird known for it’s sweet sound, local hunters make use of its sweet call to attract its mates to traps set nearby.


Sigol bird basket ©muokikioko2015

Placed in beautifully hand woven special baskets known as ‘sigol’, they are hung on specially selected sticks known as ‘tal’


Where they spend their day calling out attracting pass by birds.
Tours can be arranged by local guides either for the ‘Aluru’ trapping experience or to learn how to make ‘sigols’, which make unique house decor (even better is that their size permit s easy packaging).
Or better is a cultural visit to learn how the whole process is handled traditionally.

photos and text
©muoki kioko


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