Birdwatching Raptors in Siaya


Brown snake eagle perched(siaya) ©muokikioko2015

This Brown Snake-Eagle is a fearless bird capable of killing and carrying off a two metre long snake. It usually hunts from a prominent perch in the woodlands, scanning the lands below
for prey.

Brown snake eagle swooping(siaya) ©muokikioko2015

When it sees a snake, it swoops down, seizes the reptile behind the head and crushes the spine with its talons (toes & nails) and beak.
If it loses the advantage of a surprise attack and the snake turns on it, the Brown Snake-Eagle will flap its wings to try and induce the snake to ‘spend the last bullet in the chamber’ before going in for the kill.


Brown snake eagle in flight(siaya) ©muokikioko2015

… in flight it appears brownish with white under the wings and a barred tail.


Siaya Steppe Eagle ©muokikioko2015

The ‘Steppe Eagle’ a migratory,
bird from southern Asia arriving Siaya late October- November.
Unlike the Brown snake eagle that has a greyish bill and feet, the steppe eagle has yellow feet with feathers running all the way down the legs and a yellow beak with a black tip.

*All images here taken in Siaya County.

photos and text
©muoki kioko


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5 responses to “Birdwatching Raptors in Siaya”

  1. isaiah says :

    i like the article so so nice,… are there red tails or peregrine falcons? the first “eagle” looks more like a hawk though


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