Palm oil forests of Siaya


No, I’m not talking about West Africa or those on an island in lake Victoria. Palm oil forests exist sorry ‘thrive’ well in Siaya. Birds of prey and girls love their white seeds that taste like coconut – simply, addictive!!!
Small like a nut but very tasty, you’ll just want to keep popping one in the mouth..


palm fruit n flower siaya ©muokikioko 2016

The fruit is dark maroon and is used for cooking oil and soaps


breaking the palm oil fruit ©muokikioko 2016

When pressed by hand they leave that distinctive


yellow-red oil on your fingers.
Next time you are in Siaya insist on natural palm oil for your cooking or ‘palm oil coconut’ for snacks 😉

photos and text
©muoki kioko


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5 responses to “Palm oil forests of Siaya”

  1. naom says :

    awsome work


  2. Anyango says :

    Muoki…very informative. Would this work in Chemelil where they soil is cotton black?


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