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Road trip to ‘alego’


Being on the busy highway to Ugandan border is this activity filled stop. Known also for its potential for exceptional forest growth. Has a private arboretums of indigenous forest and vast wetlands that makes it a paradise for nature lovers!!


Minutes to die


Have you seen anyone disfigured by its bite??


Used as a symbol for medicine & health the world over..


Yet it kills more people than headline making diseases


This is the general state of medical shelves as far as availability of medicine for its treatment


Why is it ‘NO’ training or courses are offered on milking its venom for anti venom!?


Or is politics that cost billions cheaper than solving a problem that’ll cost less than a billion!!? holding meetings the whole year cheaper than loosing Citizens..

Or does that speak volumes about  leaders and those who elect them!?

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Riding the ‘Dancer’

Riding the ‘Dancer’ ©muoki kioko 2017

Often associated with canoes on the lake, some locals have upgraded their lake cruisers to reduce transport times between ports..

Solo Island..dare a nite!?

solo island – siaya ©2017 muoki kioko

Are you the adventurous type. Want to measure up yourselve with raw nature!?

 Here’s your ultimate challenge You vs Lakes nature for 24hrs​ Solo!!

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