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Traditional architecture in Siaya


Very noticeable where you get local architecture is that the buildings are very well maintained and clean!


Luo architecture window © muoki kioko

Interesting is shape and size of windows, is the size for security reasons? Why oval and not round? Does number of occupants to use room determine windows…


Lake Kanyaboli


lake kanyaboli ©muoki Kioko 2016

Ox-bow lakes are normally created when a major river changes its course, cutting-out a major bend of its original path as it straightens out. The ensuing enclosured mass of water at the bend in the form of a ‘bow’ thus is referred to as Ox-bow lake. Lake Kanyaboli is the Largest such lake in Africa.

One of Africa’s hidden gem’s with unique ecosystems.

At times referred to as a satellite lake to lake Victoria, it holds unique fish species known to be extinct to its larger bordering sister lake (lake Victoria – The worlds 2nd largest fresh water lake). Some estimates put it at about 110 unique species like the ‘thickskin‘, ‘blue firefin’ and the ‘fine bar scraper’


Kanyaboli view ©muoki kioko2016

It’s wetland mash vegetation are also one of the largest known homes of one of the worlds hardest/rarest & unique antelopes to see the ‘Sitatunga’

The lake is said to have been one of the two Luo royalty bath sites.

photos and text
©muoki kioko

Inside Siaya – County Landscape

One thing that strikes you as you travel into and around Siaya County are the numerous rocky ridge tops.

Siaya ridge top ©muokikioko2015



Mama Sarah Obama rd Kogelo ©muokikioko2015

Nyang’oma Kogelo first came to public attention in President Barack Obama’s ‘Dreams From My Father’ , his acclaimed autobiography published in 1995. The story is largely about young Obama’s search for the truth about his brilliant but self destructive father….. Five years after his father’s death, the younger Obama flew to Nairobi and embarked on an emotional trip to the family homestead in Nyang’oma Kogelo.

“I remember the rustle of corn leaves, the concentration on my uncles’ faces, the smell of our sweat as we mended a hole in the fence bounding the western line of the property,” he writes. “It wasn’t simply joy that I felt in each of these moments. Rather, it was a sense that everything I was doing, every touch and breath and word, carried the full weight of my life, that a circle was beginning to close.”

Mama Sarah Obama, mother to Obama Snr (President Barrack Obama’s Father) is known as a very social and very jovial person.

Getting there:
Roads are paved (tarmac) ALL the way, or guests can fly in through nearby Kisumu Int’l Airport

Places one can stay as they visit Kogelo are
– Juliana resort
– kogelo village resort
– kogelo retreat villas and homes
…just to name a few

More on what to see and do around kogelo in Siaya County in coming posts.

photos and text
©muoki kioko

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