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Fishing at sunset

fishing on a cold evening sunset ©muokikioko2017

Remember those days its so chilly that when the evening sun comes up you’d like it to last forever? The suns barely warm despite its look, however those with family have to do what needs to be done to ensure their daily bread.


Views from Siaya


views from siaya ©muokikioko2016

Traditional architecture in Siaya


Very noticeable where you get local architecture is that the buildings are very well maintained and clean!


Luo architecture window © muoki kioko

Interesting is shape and size of windows, is the size for security reasons? Why oval and not round? Does number of occupants to use room determine windows…

Inside Siaya – County Landscape

One thing that strikes you as you travel into and around Siaya County are the numerous rocky ridge tops.

Siaya ridge top ©muokikioko2015

Yala Swamp

yala swamp ©muokikioko2015

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